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Information System Authority (RIA)

Pärnu maantee 139a,
15169 Tallinn, Estonia


Location and address

Map: Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet, Pärnu maantee 139a, Tallinn, Estonia
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The building where RIAs office is located
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State Information System Branch

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Andrus Kaarelson Director of State Information System, Head of State Information System Branch 6630232

State Data Exchange Department

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Joonas Heiter Head of Department 6630234
Eero Vegmann Information Analyst 6630282
Vitali Stupin Architect 6630207
Jürgen Šuvalov Product Owner 6668874
Toomas Mölder Product Owner 6668822
Jan Raik Service Manager 6630230
Taavi Meinberg Service Manager 6630230
Riho Kerge Product Owner 6630280
Sander Randorg Product Owner 6630270
Kristjan Kruus Service Manager 6630230
Triin Ollema Project Manager
Andre Lehis

Electronic Identity Department

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Margus Arm Head of Department 6630293
Mark Erlich Advisor 6630294
Fred Endrekson Analyst
Andrei Kargin Product Owner 6630261
Tõnis Reimo Product Owner
Helen Raamat Product Owner 6630269
Ian Mario Naska Project Manager 6630286
Piret Elm Project Manager 6630263
Annika Kluge Project Manager
Maiu Nagel Project Manager
Kristel Merilain Service Manager 6630230
Keno Kaasiksoo
Kristjan Vaikla
Tanel Tsirgu

State Portal Department

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Raimo Reiman Head of Department
Rainer Türner Architect 6668876
Mari Joamets Product Owner 6668828
Martin Sildever Service Manager 6630230
Anneli Asser Service Manager 6630230
Eda Allikmaa Editor 6630262
Katrin Ringo Editor 6668839
Marii Eliise Rüütli

State Network Department

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Kaido Plovits Head of Department
Riigivõrgu info State Network Information 6630222

Service and Process Development Department

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Kaupo Laagriküll Head of Department 6630274
Aires Padar Head of Service

Technology Department

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Tarmo Hanga Head of Department 6630219

Elections Infosystems Development Department

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Alo Einla Head of Department